AEQUIP develops solutions for Anatomic Pathology based on Machine and Deep Learning Technologies

Starting from any slide scanner on the market, and therefore from any digital image, AEQUIP can retrieve the image and process it with proprietary algorithms, generating a quanti-qualitative output that can support the pathologist in their diagnosis.

digital slide
Using scanners, the physical slide becomes digital.
optimized slide
AEQUIP’s patented algorithms reduce color variability and optimize the digitized image.

AEQUIP’s proprietary algorithms extract disease- and tissue-specific quantitative parameters from the digitized slide.

AEQUIP, “Automated Enhanced Quantitative Imaging in Immunohistochemistry and Pathology”, is a research project that started at the Politecnico di Torino in 2016 and became a Start-up and Spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino in 2020.

We aim to develop innovative tools to support specialists, pathologists, and to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses to the patient. The Pathologist-Machine duo for a faster and more precise diagnosis.

The use of AEQUIP technology offers three decisive advantages:


Speed up of the entire diagnostic workflow, focusing on problematic aspects


Significant diagnostic reliability level increase


Possibility to be used in combination with any slide scanner; independent of digital image source