The quality of histology slides is often suboptimal, which can result in delayed diagnoses and lower diagnostic accuracy. STAINS (STAndardIzation & Normalization of histological Slides) can improve the quality of the digital images available to the pathologist.

Facilitating the analysis by optimising the staining of the histological slide and without altering clinical information is now possible!

We conducted two studies, “Impact of Stain Normalization on Pathologist Assessment of Prostate Cancer: A Comparative Study” and “Stain normalization in digital pathology: Clinical multi-center evaluation of image quality”, to evaluate the impact of normalization in clinical practice. Our results demonstrate how normalised images speed up and ensure greater confidence for the pathologist during analysis.
STAINS can be fully integrable into the digital clinical routine*.


*The product is a CE marked IVD for H&E staining and the following tissues: prostate, breast, colon, liver and lung.

STAINS performances

Diagnosis time
Quality slide
Diagnosis confidence

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